MSSFC Resource List

​We have put together a list of helpful resource tools to guide you and your child in your financial journey!

This site is equipped with parenting blogs and interactive activities that will prep you to teach your child about personal finance


Bizkids is a site that influences the entrepreneurial mind of your child and is loaded with tons of fun financial games that will be sure to challenge them.

RoadTrip to Savings

Test your child's financial literacy on a  4 week road trip and put your petal to the metal with this adventurous financial game created by Practical Money Skills.

Financial Football

Learning about Financial responsibility doesn't have to be a drag, incorporating prizes and incentives can always lighten the mood when it comes to the dos and don't s of your child's financial habits. Try this personal finance game with your child created by Visa and the National Football League, you'll have a BLAST!

Spring Spendin'

With warm weather on the rise and plenty of free time, kids are more likely to have that burning sensation in their pockets. Spring is a GREAT time to reinforce smart spending and budgeting without sacrificing their spring break fun.

Here are some easy questions to walk through with your child to ensure that he/she thinks twice before spending.

1. Do I really need this item?

2. If I don't really need this item, why do I want it?

3. Am I sure that I will use/wear this item?

4. Could I find an item like this but without a brand name? It will probably cost less.

5. Is there any chance that this item will go on sale?

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