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FEATURE: financial professionals supporting money smarts

Financial professional, John Gallia, volunteered as a classroom instructor in the Stock Market Savvy Kids program this session and he's making a difference! Not only is he impacting the lives of our students, but he has been impacted as well.

"I am proud to lend my support to the Money Smarts School of Finance for Children program.  These kids are future employees, business owners, and parents who will be tasked with making tough financial decisions that will impact many lives.  It’s been my pleasure in helping expose them to certain financial planning concepts at such an early age.  I look forward to hosting a spring semester at our Creve Coeur location" - John Gallia, CFP®



For more information regarding the program, please contact:

Darlene Martin 314-956-7918 (office) dmartin@moneysmartsschoolforchildren.org

Rodney Malone, 

Vice President of private banking, Business Bank of St. Louis

Tell us a little about yourself- your career, family, hobbies, etc.
I am a native of St. Louis but my banking career began in Florida where I graduated from college. Unfortunately, the consulting firm I worked for downsized and assisted me to seek employment with a bank they sent small businesses to for financing.  I started as personal banker and worked hard to be hired in the private banking sector. I became licensed in 2001 with a Series 6, 63. The gift of my family is my life line. I am a proud father of 3 boys 17, 14 and 5. Yes, I said five. He will keep me young. I have a loving wife of 22 years who is my best friend. My hobbies are spending time with the family and enjoying their activities. This allows me to balance work and family. Of course there are times I will get a mental break while cycling.
How did you hear about Money Smarts School of Finance for Children?
Mrs. Martin and I were colleagues at a financial institution and reconnected at one of the community outreach events that the association I am involved with was hosting. We had lunch and she presented the program which I thought was tremendous and wanted to know how I could assist. Being part of Money Smarts is a way I can give back as a key individual did for me in my life with school and career. I felt this would be a perfect opportunity to pay it forward.  

What does being an instructor for Money Smarts entail?
That is a good question. I believe it is the passion of wanting to help kids and being creative to teach children to enjoy finances. You always have to convert the years of experience and make the content interactive, with participation, along with games and concepts that kids can relate. If you don’t, you could lose their attention and the class will become boring.

What is the most important financial principle you live by?
Believe, enjoy, ask, listen, confidence and humble. 

Who is your financial role model?
I have many role models. I believe you can take the best of them all add your personality. All of them have some advice to offer from those on Wall Street to the parent who makes ends meet with a minimum amount of money. 

What do you wish you had known as a 12-year-old?
I wish I had a program like Money Smarts that could have given me a head start on understanding the financial industry. We had a class that we did follow stocks, but I wish it could have been continued after that class. I could have own a shares in Hot Wheels. LOL.
Anything else you'd like to share?
Always be yourself and remember that God puts everyone in your life for a purpose. Remember there will be ups and downs in life, as in the stock market but in the long run everything will recover. The things you do today will affect your legacy for tomorrow. 


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